Thursday, 13 August 2009

The bike

This blog is an account of my attempt to cycle the length of the country, from Land's End to John O'Groats. I'll be riding a 2009 model Brompton M6R-X, a slightly unconventional selection for a trip like this. The reasons for this choice are:
  • I've been commuting to work by Brompton for over 10 years, and a full-size (or "cumbersome") bike now just feels slightly strange to me
  • Taking a Brompton on the train (to get to Land's End and from John O'Groats) is simple, and doesn't require reserving a space on the train months in advance, only to discover on boarding that somebody's already using it...
  • For B&Bs without cycle storage facilities, it's easy to fold & bag up a Brompton and take it into your room
  • The unsuitability of my current Brompton for the hills to be encountered on the route meant that I had a great excuse to buy a gleaming new model with all the latest features ;-)
The new bike has Brompton's wide-range hub fitted, giving a total gear range of 302%, much more than my previous model (225%), although still not as much as a typical full-size bike. I chose the low gearing option to cope with the hills, so I don't expect to be setting any speed records during the trip! It also has much-improved brakes and multiple other minor improvements. The only change I've made since receiving it was to swap out the stock saddle for a Brooks B17 leather saddle, as it's pretty important to be comfortable when spending so much time on the bike.


  1. Sounds great and exciting. Hope all goes well. Mum

  2. Sounds like good fun!

  3. I love the bike - of course it had to be green didn't it!