Thursday, 13 August 2009

The route

The planned route is heavily based on the Cycle Touring Club's "official" B&B route, which is a very scenic but somewhat hilly route. I've made some modifications to the CTC route; the main differences are in the south-west (where I'll sometimes be following National Cycle Network route 3) and in Scotland (where NCN routes 77 & 7 will be used to avoid the busy A9).

The total length of the route is 1003 miles, which I'll be doing over the course of 18 days. The planned daily mileage varies a bit, but averages at around 60 miles, with the longest days being limited to 70 miles.

For navigation, I'll be taking a Garmin Edge 605, a cycle computer with GPS. The planned route for each day has been plotted using online tools and downloaded onto the 605. This will show the planned course throughout the day's ride, as well as logging the actual route taken; this can then be uploaded and viewed online. I've used this device for a lot of rides recently, and it seems to work very well. Nevertheless, I'll also be taking A3 map sheets with the route marked on, just in case...


  1. That's some milage on an odd looking bike!
    Good luck - keep posting.

  2. I look forward to hearing all about your big cycle ride. I'm sure you'll love it and hope the weather is kind. Rather you than me ;)