Saturday, 22 August 2009

Day 8: Shawbirch to Leigh

A gloriously sunny day today, which helped improve my view of the pleasant but unremarkable Shropshire and Cheshire countryside through which I was cycling. The most impressive sight to be seen during the morning ride was looking back at the Wrekin, over which I'd come yesterday. The roads were again pretty deserted, except when travelling through the towns of Market Drayton, Nantwich and Middlewich. The route was almost completely flat, which made for an easy but unexciting ride; the main points of interest coming when occasionally crossing the Shropshire Union Canal.

I ate lunch quite early (I was getting hungry due to the pathetic and extortionately-priced "breakfast bag" obtained at the Travelodge: a cereal bar, about 12 cornflakes and by far the most appalling tea I've ever tasted - quite some feat considering I've travelled by British Rail back in the day); nevertheless, I'd already covered about two-thirds of the day's route.

The afternoon saw some slightly busier roads and generally less interesting (but still flat) countryside. Instead of canals, I was now passing over motorways (the M6, M56 and M62). The highlight of the afternoon was undoubtedly crossing an impressive iron bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal, about 10 miles from the end. I arrived into my hotel just before 3pm; after a long hot soak in the bath, I had a filling meal in the attached restaurant. Hopefully a good rest will leave me feeling prepared for the much harder day ahead tomorrow.

Distance: 69.7 miles
Total ascent: 753m
Cumulative distance: 466.4 miles
Interactive route map and profile:


  1. Meow meow, purrrrrrr.

  2. Wow I can't beleive how far north you are already! Goodtimes.


  3. Yeah, it's amazing how quickly the miles fly by!