Friday, 14 August 2009

Day 0: All packed and ready to go!

Tonight I'm staying at my parents' house in Bristol, as this allows me to catch an earlier train to Penzance in the morning than would be the case from Westbury.

Hopefully everything that I'll require is now packed into my Carradice City Folder bag which sits on the front of the Brompton. Whilst I've tried to travel reasonably light, this weighs in at about 9.5kg. For the record, it contains:
  • spare set of cycling clothes (shorts, baselayer, jersey, socks, sweatband, hankies)
  • wet weather gear (jacket, leg protectors, overshoes, saddle cover, luggage cover)
  • leisure clothes (lightweight trousers, t-shirt, underwear, swimming trunks - just in case - two places I'm booked at have access to a swimming pool!)
  • spare parts (inner tube, tyre, chain, brake cable, gear cable, brake shoe set, brake pad set, sprocket set)
  • tools (adjustable spanner, saddle spanner, flat-head & Phillips screwdrivers, 4 Allen keys, cutters, chain tool, tyre levers, cable ties, puncture repair kit, oil, proofide, hand cleaner, cloths)
  • mini first aid kit
  • wash bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, shaver, deodorant, chamois cream, washing powder, ear plugs, sun block) - all these items are in very small bottles/pots
  • front light (rear light is fixed to the bike)
  • gadgets (Nokia N810, digital camera, phone, 3-pin plug, USB cable & 5 assorted connectors)
  • map sheets, train tickets, booking confirmations, cheques & pen
  • 1.5L bottle
  • energy bars & bananas
On the bike I'll also be carrying a pump, 1L bottle, the Garmin Edge 605, a cable lock and a carry-bag into which the folded Brompton can be placed in order to make it acceptable to bring indoors.

Tomorrow the adventure begins! I'm excited but also slightly apprehensive at what lies ahead.

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